Why Maple Springs?

Here at Maple Springs, we believe senior care is an opportunity to inspire residents to continue to live their life, their way. Our residents won’t have to conform to an institutional lifestyle just to receive the medical service they may now require. After leading full, happy lives our residents deserve to continue to do that for years to come.

Our way of doing this is by providing a wider range of health care services in an active, home-like community. It goes without saying that most of us would prefer to settle into a comfortable, friendly environment where our care AND emotional needs are met after unexpected changes in our health occur.

What sets Maple Springs apart from other retirement communities is the personalized service the residents receive. Each team member involved with Maple Springs is dedicated to the residents and making sure they enjoy each day. The owners are personally involved in every aspect of Maple Springs.

It can be so stressful, confusing and difficult for families to navigate through all of the care options that are available. Having all of these services in one community can make it so much easier for everyone, especially the resident in need.

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